Fernwood Bites 2011, this coming Sunday.

Well, not quite, but yes, James and I will kick-start the summer (at least) by attending Fernwood Bites 2011. This local event returns for its second year, and we’re already donning our bibs in preparation. I don’t know if I can convince James to sport a bonnet to celebrate his Scottish heritage, but we’ll see since this year’s event promises to have more wine tasting.

But for me, I’m looking forward to sampling what Kulu Restaurant, The Parsonage Cafe, Stage Wine Bar, and The Superior will offer. They’re just a few names out of the many that will be present.

And upon entry, I’ll most likely make a beeline to the Sea Cider Farm’s table. I bought a jar of hickory smoked sunflower seeds from them last year at the Organic Islands Festival and Sustainability Expo, and that barely survived a week. Although I don’t expect to see them selling a complete line of their other products, anything can happen. I’m already curious to see if I can find the elusive huckleberry when that Expo returns in 2012.

Doing the Dancehall Craze

Stir It Up
1284 Gladstone Ave.
Victoria, BC
(250) 294-0153

After checking out the Victoria Energy Expo during the weekend, I stopped by Stir It Up, a Jamaican restaurant, in the hope of finding a meal for less than $10. There were plenty of options, and while I was looking for something near the $5 mark, it was more my fault for showing up near the end of the day. Had I been by earlier or had the extra money, I could’ve filled up on Jamaican Patties ($3.50 each). I didn’t think one would be enough, so I simply asked.

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These Little Piggies Went To the Vintage Fair

The Little Piggy
D2-1284 Gladstone Ave,
Victoria, BC

(250) 386-1020

J: After a day at the Victoria Vintage Fair, all the browsing made me hungry. It was almost the flip of a coin between Little Piggy and Stir It Up. Fernwood has a number of great eateries but when your nearly skint after spending $25 on one of Sir Walter Scott’s works, Little Piggy is more within one’s financial grasp.

E: But you didn’t see me haggling, James. I managed to save a little so I could take us both out for some good eats.

Victoria’s sudden bout of winter weather didn’t stop James and I from having a merry ol’ time in Fernwood. While dodging snow flurries, we headed into Little Piggy for a taste of Mexican. Mind you, near the end of the day, James was almost looking like a merry old snowman himself.

For $16.50, we feasted on tacos and tostados. I asked for an extra one since I was feeling hungrier than a walrus.

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Taking Another Bite Locally

From one food sampling event to another, James and I are planning on hitting Fernwood Bites. Well, that’s assuming there’s still tickets left. Like the ICC Fest, this one has an impressive list of vendors. Unlike it, this one’s exercising crowd control.

Tickets are $35, and they can be bought at Lucy’s in the Square, Fernwood Inn, Cornerstone Cafe and the Fernwood Community Centre.

In this inaugural event, there’ll be plenty to do, like live music to dance to and a silent auction to spend your money on. Not only will it expand our already growing waistlines but also contribute to a good cause. It’s a fundraiser for a much needed Fernwood Neighbourhood Chest Fund. It’s designed to help the community grow and use in times of need.

So shake your tail feather, and let’s support our local communities.

A New Urban Bite

E: The community of Fernwood is a really nice place to visit, and I really wish I lived here. I feel right at home, and just attending their inaugural foodie fest is just temptation in action. Especially with all the good restaurants located here. To name a few, there’s Lucy’s In the Square, the Cornerstone Cafe, Fernwood Inn and Stir it Up. And all of them didn’t disappoint at this event.

J: And don’t forget the wonderful Little Piggy, Ed. I definitely felt very comfortable among the crowd. I talked with people I didn’t know, bumped into those I did and enjoyed the very social atmosphere that was Fernwood Bites. I’ll be planning a return. Aubergine is just one of a a few businesses that really caught my attention. They’re also highly regarded too.

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