Depending on the Day, The Finest at Sea Food Cart is not Quite Perfect, but the Sea Urchin They Sell Is!


Finest at Sea Food Cart
27 Erie Street
James Bay
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-7760

E: Lately, I’ve been on a fish n’ chip fetish, and in my craving to find good ling cod, I thought just maybe I can bait my buddy James into a visit down near Fisherman’s Wharf. After a lacklustre serving at what barely passes as properly rolled maki rolls at Sushi Plus (it was James’ treat since he asked to meet him there), well … I needed to swab the decks (my tongue) as it were.

J: Ed’s is attempting to sneak a review within a review of Sushi Plus. He technically can’t say much because I picked up the tab at their establishment. But yes, after filling myself up on a beef bowl at Sushi Plus my body still felt weak and needed an iron boost. Ed drove us to the Wharf. I was in all my glory feeling pretty cool as I bopped my head to Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” as it played on the radio. Ed was rolling his eyes, I didn’t need to look at him to know. After almost 25 years, we know each other’s habits. Where he did park was directly across from the Wharf on Erie Street. Our stop was the Finest At Sea food truck.

E: Usually, most fishmongers don’t deliver on a Sunday or Monday, but I had to stop by because I was curious if they had any sea urchin. And to visit this operation’s food truck or visit the wharf proper had James drooling over the opportunities their blue and white truck presented. For a moment, I could not decide between the fish tacos or fish n’ chips.

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[Seattle, WA] Getting drunk on Sazerac

IMG_20160407_205656540Sazerac Restaurant
1101 4th Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 624-7755

Once the ragin’ Cajun in me saw the Sazerac offered upscale Southern (Louisiana) inspired food, I knew I had to make this place a must during my next visit to Seattle! As I stay in different hotels, I like to explore what’s nearby instead of walking to another district for my usual grub. This city has more wide and varied tastes within reach in the downtown core than any other I’ve been to. While my knowledge is mostly centered around feasting in either Emerald City or Hollywood North, there’s a reason why I love living in the Pacific Northwest. The access to seafood is immediate and fresh.

I think both cities have eateries that are worthy of earning at least a star in the Michelin guide. That book is not the be all end all for diners looking for new and exotic tastes. At this place, their Buttermilk Panna Cotta is an Italian dish that I could eat forever! The strawberry foam settled upon my lips like an air nymph and I was sent to heaven with how added basil cream made my tongue dance. A symphony with little gelatinous berry nubs was playing hallelujah in my mouth!

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Rating Cowichan Bay Seafood’s Fish n’ Chips at The Market

cowichan bayCowichan Bay Seafood
Victoria Public Market
#12 – 1701 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC
(778) 433-4385

E: Like the tides that swish through a bay, I’m always finding myself returning to the Cowichan Bay Seafood outlet in the Victoria Public Market. After some time in operation, they have put together a fine smörgåsbord of products for folks to buy to take home to cook or dine in. Although a touch pricey, when compared to oysters bars offering a happy hour of a buck a shuck, there’s more variety here when they are offered at $1.50 per! I had some wonderful raw and fruity oysters from Paradise Oysters (located on Baynes Sound). The name is apt because, with the celery vinaigrette, they were the perfect appetizer to begin with until my Lingcod Fish n’ Chips arrived.

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There’s No Need To Talk Like A Pirate at Rumrunner!

The Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant
9881 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-5643

J: The Rumrunner is one of those restaurants out in Sidney that is divided up into three sections: the pub, the patio and the dining area. We in the Sidney area because Ed wanted to see if anything remained from the Gracepoint set (the police station) that was filmed last year.

E: By chance, I found the Gracepoint Newspaper Truck parked in a private lot next to Saint Andrew’s School near downtown when I was out and about during Victoria Fringe Festival 2015. So why not?

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Pier 66 is Home to Anthony’s Fish Bar

10492482_10205723565380872_8758731943997397702_nAnthony’s Fish Bar
2201 Alaskan Way
Seattle, Washington
(206) 448-6688

Pier 66 in Seattle is home to cruise ships bringing people here to find fish n’ chips. Well not quite, but they do bring folks from abroad to this fine emerald city. Even the Clipper is located nearby to ferry Canadians home or Americans to the garden city of Victoria, and one of the first things some travellers think of is what can I eat that’s nearby? I’ve been to The Crab Pot for evening meals upon arrival, but when I’m heading home and my time is limited, I’d rather go take-out. Finding a snack at Anthony’s Fish Bar certainly fits the bill. The prices are a touch high since it’s right next to cruise ship central.

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Where Have All the Prawn Fun Gone?


I miss the Island Chefs’ collaborative’s version of the Spot Prawn Festival. That was truly an event to remember, and as far as I know, there was only one. The Victoria Public Market has since taken over with their own mini-festival. While not as large or elaborate, and really lacking fanfare, at least for those Victorians unable to leave the confines of this city to Cowichan Bay proper for all their independent shows (at brew pubs to eateries), what’s offered is good.

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