Pike Place Market is a B*tchin’ Place for Biscuits!

Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch at Caffé Lieto
1909 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 441-7999

Honestly, I think I’ve given up on trying to hit Bayou on 1st, located at Pike Place Market. Everytime I walk by there in the early morning, they are closed! Are they ever open on time, like 8am sharp? They are the closest place I can reach (before relying on Metro to hit the International district) to sate my crawfish craving whenever I’m in Seattle for a convention. One day, I will find it open, or else I’ll have to keep walking northwards to another inspired eatery (located inside Caffé Lieto), for other southern inspired fixins.

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[Vancouver, BC] Just Relaxing at Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods

Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods
1102 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-6092

Moonpennies deserves more credit for being open during holiday hours than any other operation in the business district of Vancouver. When I needed a break from Fan Expo Vancouver on a Saturday, this diner was not too far away to settle into for a relaxing time from the chaos that’s known as nerd fandom.

Although they were not open early enough for breakfest, I found them ready, willing and able for lunch! I’m sure everyone went to Subway or Starbucks instead, but if they only travelled a few blocks more, they would’ve found a more calm place to sit in.

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Breakfast at The Village is a Must!

The Village
5-4517 West Saanich Rd.
Royal Oak District
Saanich, BC
(778) 265-8898

E: Every time I hear someone refer to The Village, I start humming along to a tune from the 60’s classic mystery spy thriller made famous by Patrick McGoohan. That’s the nerd in me coming out. Once at the restaurant, I do realize that this place is in no way influenced by the classic show. However, I do wonder if there is a chance of escape.

The variety to be found in their menu will certainly have me wanting to try it all. In this case, multiple visits will have to be made to taste the various sandwiches, bennies, and soups offered. In what drew James and I out to the Saanich location (I’ve been to the Estavan place before) was the Fat Chef special. I came out feeling thin. For James, there’s no denying he was looking rounder after our sojourn to a quieter side of town.

J: I was thinner when I went in but it was not the fault of the Village that I ended the day a few pounds heavier. The two latkes, double smoked striped bacon, garlic sautéed spinach (they ran out of kale), roasted red peppers, crispy onions and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce may sound like a big meal but Ed and I are trained professionals. This meal was just an appetizer.

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Cherry Bomb Launches an Atomic Banger for a Limited Time!

hotdogThe Atomic Rocket Breakfast Bomber looks ready to take off, but upon tasting it today, just where it goes is not quite orbital. It’s available today only (while supplies last) at The Pig BBQ Joint and comes with a free early-bird pass (starting at 8am) to Cherry Bomb Toy’s Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair that’s happening October 5th at the Pearkes Recreation Center.

I flew immediately into town to try this new idea out, and if I had a jetpack, I’d be arriving in my Rocketeer get up. However, that costume is still in the works as I need to find the right aviator jacket before I can make a helmet and flight pack. Instead, I arrived in my all-weather jacket with the Apollo 11 and Tesla patch to show I was in the mood to try this meal.

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Have Rocket Will Travel…To Pluto’s

Pluto’s Diner
1150 Cook St.
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 385-4747

E: I still say that Pluto is a planet, but when James and I were looking for somewhere closer to visit, the diner of the same name was the best bet.

J: Pluto’s has a long history in Victoria. It was formerly a Pacific 66 gas station and it’s history in the Victoria eatery & music scene is well known to locals. If I can remember past advertisements correctly (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong), I believe Loreena McKennitt used to perform at this establishment over two decades ago.

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Where’s the Sunday Breakfest in Vancouver?

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant
551 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-9168
(604) 341-8882

I’m surprised that not many trendy diners in Vancouver are open Sunday for the early riser. I rarely find the restaurants that are joined at the hip with a hotel the perfect place to eat. But when I needed a quick meal before checking out, I was hoping that the Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé would be open. When I looked at their menu online, I was drooling. When I saw their hours of operation, I was sad.

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